Rehabilitation Therapy DSC 0034

At Park Ridge Healthcare and Physical Medicine, we feel that your treatment is not complete unless you have received exercises to help you fully recover and avoid flare-ups. In fact, we often prescribe (and demonstrate) some specific rehabilitative activities on your first visit. Research has proven that specific strengthening, stretching, and coordination exercises will help you recover more quickly from your injury and also help prevent re-occurrence.

We use a science-based, progressive rehabilitation protocols that will increase in difficulty as your condition improves. The goals of rehabilitation include reducing pain, improving function, improving strength, increasing flexibility, and reduce the risk of re-occurrence. All of our doctors and therapists have training and experience in rehabilitative exercise which gives you quality assurance that your program will be the correct one for you and supervised appropriately. Our rehabilitation room provides ample room and supplies to coach you through anything from a single exercise to a comprehensive routine.

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