Why Us?

  • Chiropractic Care:
    Our staff has over 45 years combined experience in providing our patients with services for their complete wellness needs. With a modern x-ray/radiographic facility on site it allows our staff to focus on the wellness plan that our patients require immediately. We have hundreds of hours of postgraduate education and training in Orthopaedics, Neurology, Pediatrics Chiropractic, Headaches, TMJ, Rehabilitation, Sports Injuries and Whiplash. We are the only Clinic in the State of Georgia that has Two Chiropractor of the Year Doctors and a Certified Chiropractic Assistant Award Winner nominated by The Georgia Chiropractic Association .
  • Massage 20photoMassage Therapy:
    We have several massage therapists on staff supplying a wide range of techniques. Our therapists have over 30 years of experience combined in various styles. It is essential on your road to wellness that you include massage therapy as a part of your healthcare regimen.
  • Stress Free Environment:
    From the moment you arrive at our office, we try to ensure that your visit to Park Ridge Healthcare and Physical Medicine is a stress free experience. We accept most insurance policies and will process all the paperwork for you. Our friendly and courteous staff will answer any questions that you may have regarding your charges, insurance or visits. Emergency Care
  • Special Requirement Cases:
    We are aware that there are some cases that require special and additional attention. We have extensive experience with Auto, Workers' compensations, and rehabilitation cases. We will be happy to provide you with secondary evaluations and/or opinions if your case requires. Your health is our main priority so we have emergency care services available. Most insurance accepted; we do all the paperwork.